Strings in Rust

Dorina M. Evans
12 September 2013

Note: some crazy professor made us program in my Operating Systems class using a strange, immature, language with no documentation. Since I had a hard time figuring out how to use strings in this language, I wrote up this tutorial that I hope will be helpful to others. Unfortunately, I'm not a Rust expert yet, and, well, I only actually know about 5 words (and only 4 of those are in English), so my tutorial is quite limited, but hopefully its at least a starting point for someone else to write a better one. Since I'm using a Creative Commons license, you should fell free to improve and republish this.

(Ba)nana! Nana!

Da Da Da Da Da Da Da?

Apa Apa Apa Apa!

Mamamamamamamama! Waaaaaaa!

(If you are not yet impressed with my progress in systems programming, maybe you will find my results in results in hygenic computing theory more impressive.)

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